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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  August 18, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> high five from the weather center. good morning to you. a couple of 50s this morning. and, you know, it's mid-august, hasn't felt like summer. that's the story yet again. a couple of these storms to pass over us and keep pushing that fog in. this afternoon, we will manage some 70s and some 80s out there. right now, we have about 57 in san francisco. 61 in hayward and 60 through san jose. there's your daily planner, back to school, some of you. by noon to 5:00 p.m., we start to see some of the 70s and lower 80s come back into the forecast. kris, i'll have the seven-day in just a bit. back to you. if you are ticketed for talking or texting behind the wheel, don't say we didn't warn you. zero tolerance is in full swing this morning, all part of a chp crackdown on drivers who are ignore cell phone laws. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the bay bridge toll plaza with drivers and what you can expect all around the bay area today. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning. well, if you get spotted using that cell phone, expect to get pulled over and expect to get a
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ticket. and it's not cheap. it sounds cheap, it's $20 for the first offense, but when you add up all the court fees, that can easily go up to over $100. obviously, it's illegal, but the chp was explaining that there's some common sense here, if you put the cell phone up to your ear, you can create a blind spot with your arm and not see perhaps another driver, a motorcyclist, or someone crossing the street and you could easily hit that person. now, this is the second day of the enforcement. last tuesday the chp and a number of other bay area police departments were very busy writing up more than 900 tickets on drivers who refused to go hands-free two years after california made it the law. >> people are always on the run, people are very busy. so they figure the time they have in that vehicle is the time to make phone calls or get caught up on reading or talking to friends and things like that, when that's not the time to do it.
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>> reporter: now, of course, the law also goes for texting. drivers should, of course, use a blue tooth or an ear bud, but the chp prefers you not talk on a cell phone at all when you're driving. coming up in our next hour, we're going to be talking about why they just go after cell phone chatter on the chp, and why they're not focusing on other bad behavior people do while drive like eating, shaving, and doing makeup. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> and thankfully, we do none of the above, right, christie? >> reporter: absolutely. >> you may be surprised at just how dangerous distracted driving is. research shows from 2008, slightly more than 20% of all crashes in that year involved some type of distraction. nearly 6,000 people died in 2008 in crashes involving a distracted driver. more than half a million were hurt. younger, inexperienced drivers around 20 years old have the highest proportion of
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distraction, and despite the push for drivers to use handheld devices, those who do are more than four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to hurt themselves. new this morning, three people are recovering after two separate stabbings in san jose. the first stabbing happened around 7:30 last night outside a taco bell restaurant at payne avenue and south winchester boulevard. there someone stabbed a 19-year-old man who is now in critical condition as well as a 17-year-old boy. the second stabbing happened around coleman drive and story road. san jose police say both stabbings could be gang related. today a nightclub in san francisco is supposed to close its doors due to recent violence. instead, though, the venue will fight for its right to party. an attorney for jelly's dance cafe on pier 50 says the club will defy an eviction notice from the port of san francisco. police have also called for the
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club's closure. in 2008, another man was shot and killed during a fight outside jelly's. the club's lawyer says the violent incidents have been, quote, exaggerated, and misdescribed. a teenager will appear in court this morning to face charges of pimping a 14-year-old girl as a prostitute. san rafael police say they found the girl working the streets of the canal district saturday during a sting targeting customers. police say she's a runaway from richmond, allegedly pimped by an 18-year-old tia powell also of richmond. powell pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of pimping a minor under the age of 16. time is now 5:04. a former apple manager says he was not part of a multimillion dollar kickback scheme involving suppliers of iphone and ipod accessories. paul shin devine entered a not guilty plea after a grand jury indicted the 37-year-old sunnyvale man on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy. investigators say devine
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accepted more than $1 million in exchange for giving confidential information to apple suppliers in asia. those suppliers allegedly used the information to negotiate better contracts with cupertino-based apple. a salmonella scare is prompting an egg recall and a scramble to get them off store shelves and out of your refrigerator. more than 200 people around the state have gotten sick after eating those eggs that are bad. 38 cases came from the bay area. those eggs were distributed by wright county egg in iowa and sold in several states, including california. they were sold under brands such as albertson's, ralph's, shoreline, lucerne, and farm fresh. the dates you should look for are between may 16th to august 13th. for more information on that recall, you can visit school kids in vallejo will get some help from major league pitcher and vallejo native cc sabathia. today sabathia is sponsoring a backpack giveaway through his pitch-in giveaway.
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he won't be at the elementary school, but his mom will be. the backpacks will be filled with everything kids need to get back to school. 5:05 now, we have developing and very bad news coming out of india this morning. a school there collapsed. more than a dozen kids are dead, we know. scott mcgrew, you've been watching this from the newsroom? >> that's right. we're just getting information in. you know, kris, heavy rains in that area has left millions of people homeless. now in the same general region northwest of new delhi, a school collapsed. 17 children dead. it could, though, get worse, 11 students are missing. if you know the area, it's about 375 miles north of luck now. we're just getting this information in. we hope to get some sort of video or information about the rescue, kris, but this continues to be this problem we've seen in india, we've seen it in pakistan, in china of this incredible, heavy rain and flooding being one of the worst natural disasters that we've seen so far, really, in this century. >> we have such a large indian
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population here, hopefully no one's getting bad news. >> we're trying to get as much information as possible. military fighter jets and two sonic booms realitied a seattle area neighborhood after a recreational pilot fly afoul of the feds during a presidential visit. bad idea. pilot lee daly and his girlfriend were coming back from a long weekend when they flew through temporarily restricted airspace. that triggered a couple of f-18 jets to investigate. the secret service checked out the pilot and the plane for more than an hour and a half on the tarmac. the pilot's girlfriend said they were just clueless and harmless. no word yet on possible sanctions. the commute in l.a. is tough enough without the presidential motorcade tying up traffic. that's what commuters are saying on the "l.a. times'" website this morning. history closures trapped folks in gridlock from the west side all the way downtown during the president's visit on monday. one couple found their usual 20-minute drive took one hour 15 minutes.
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could the proposed muslim mosque everyone is talking about be moving farther away from the site of the world trade center? well, reports say that new york governor david paterson will meet with developers soon, apparently, to discuss other locations for the controversial mosque near ground zero. last week paterson said state land might be provided an as alternate site for the islamic cultural center. as thi 2,800 people died when islamic extremists flew planes into the twin towers. thousands of patients need to be revaccinated after a medical center found they had a potentially bad batch of vaccines. they're making calls to about 3,000 patients to let them know. doctors gave out the shots between january and june at care centers in sonoma, marin, and lake counties. doctors say the vaccines won't make you sick, but they just might not work because they were
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stored at the wrong for the. i think we're talking about flu vaccines? >> it wasn't specific, which vaccines they were. you'll get called if you had one. 5:08 is the time. time to get a check of the commute with mike. going to the maze in the east bay. >> we'll check out things. things were looking really light until a few minutes ago when i saw some slowing pop up on our map. all your commute directions, northbound and westbound for these freeways, all looking really smooth. we do see some slowing showing right here, eastbound 580 coming off of the maze. all that i found in the report that is 8:00 a.m. today, day do have scheduled at the martin luther king jr. off-ramp from 24 as well as 580, some emergency barrel repair at the off-ramp there itself. that's scheduled in the future. that might be an indicator of something going on right now in preparation, but so far that slowing just popped up and i'll let you know in it continues. but it's opposite your commute and a very light volume right now. >> let's get a check of the forecast with craig. continuing cool summer. just no sign of things warming up.
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maybe next week? >> next week is probably our best bet, exactly. next week we'll see mid- and upper 80s, and we haven't had have many of them. i'll start off with the climatology, to show you typically where we are this time of year, san francisco, close to 70 degrees. just not happening. today, 64. oakland, 74, i'm going 69. san jose, typically in the mid-80s, only going 74. mountain view, cooler, and in santa rosa, 82, i'm going 75. the whole reason, we have a couple of storms that keep coming through. they're not bringing the rain, but giving us the cooler conditions. the fog during the early evening right into the late morning hours. 50s right now as you head out the door. you have to get that windshield wiper going, if you're going to be driving this morning, you've got mist and drizzle to deal with. low visibility for the north end of the bay. about a quarter of a mile to two miles across the north end of the bay. livermore, 80 today. 74 in san jose. look at san francisco, 64. 70s for the north end of the bay. here's your seven-day forecast. garvin, kris, next week, if it all holds together, we'll see
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some of those 80s back in the forecast. mid- and upper 80s. people are waiting for summer. >> you can't even buy shorts anymore, even though you need them. the 49ers played the vikings in a nationally televised game this weekend. guess who might be coming back just in time. and there's a new plan to curb drug violence in mexico. legalize drugs. see who is endorsing the idea, coming up. and are u.s. troops still on track to lead iraq at the end of the next year? we'll find out why it might not happen as scheduled, next. and a quick peek out this morning. sun not up for quite some time in downtown san jose, but when you're ready to get on the road, we're ready to tell traffi w traffic's going to be like. mike is ahead. come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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there are new questions this morning about whether u.s. troops will leave iraq by the end of 2011. yesterday, suicide bombing outside of an iraqi army headquarters is a reminder of just how vulnerable iraq's security forces still are, just weeks before the u.s. combat mission there ends. today u.s. ambassador to iraq, christopher hill, and the white house insisted the drawdown of u.s. troops is on track. 50,000 american troops will remain to train iraqi security forces, but for some there, it hardly looks like the war is over. >> the role of the u.s. troops has now appropriately shifted
5:15 am
from combat operations to an advise and assist role. >> it represents the end of a chapter. seven years of war in operation iraqi freedom. >> the u.s. will keep forces in iraq past 2011 in iraqi officials ask for them. experts think iraq will make that request well before it is time for troops to leave. prosecutors say they could set a retrial date today for the corruption case of former illinois governor rod blagojevich. tuesday a federal judge can declared a mistrial on 23 of the 24 counts blagojevich faced. the jury foreman says they were close to convicting the former governor on a second count one one juror backed out. blagojevich says he is innocent and he and his family members are victims of al federal government persecution. and blagojevich could face a maximum of five years in prison on that one single guilty charge. we now know the suspect called the craigslist killer left a cryptic, bloody message
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in his jail cell before committing suicide in a bottom jail. philip markoff was awaiting trial on charges of killing a masseuse he met through clailgs. the d.a. says he wrapped gauze around his neck and stuck his head in a plastic bag. he also had photos of his ex-fiancee in his cell and wrote a series of words on the wall. >> the words "megan" and "pocket" were written above his jail cell door, i believe. is that correct? yeah, were written on the wall. it appears to be blood. >> investigators are still looking into the meaning of the message. markoff had pleaded not guilty to several charges including first-degree murder. controversial comments from former mexican president vincent fox. he says the country cannot
5:17 am
expect the government to completely wipe out drugs and that making them illegal would not likely be a success based on history. he briefly floated a legalization proposal before he left office in 2006, but it fell flat and faced strong criticism in mexico and here in the u.s. philippe calderon has recently said he is willing to open a discussion on legalization. here at home, the economy continues to dog democrats and scott mcgrew joins us to say dog, meaning an animal that can bite on to your leg, cause exkrugsary pain and not let go. >> politicians will never admit this, particularly if they're running for office or running for office again, but there's reasonable economic evidence that actually public policy has very little effect on the macroeconomy. that is, washington talks this big game about jobs, but neither congress or the president can really do anything about it. now, that said, voters are frustrated and they're turning on those in charge. a new poll shows much of what the old polls do.
5:18 am
those who think president obama has been effective in approving the economy is just 44%. in fact, 61% of those polled says the economy's gotten worse under the new president's watch. however, his overall approval rating actually holds steady. those polled say they still like the man, even if they don't like the economy. the dow finally saw a win on the close on tuesday afternoon after six straight days of down arrows. the 30 industrials gained about 100 points. futures call for a lower opening again this morning. later this afternoon, facebook will be announcing something big and new, probably about location-based services. we'll talk about that coming up in just a bit. >> scott, thanks very much. the as play lunchtime baseball against the blue jays. game starts at 12:35 at the coliseum. yesterday, dallas braden picked up the win. here he strikes out home run leader jose batista.
5:19 am
the as win 6-2. it's early, but the giants are losing ground in two playoff races. they're five games behind the padres in the nl west and one game behind the phillies in the wild card. pat burley hit this home run against his former team, but the giants lost to the phillies 9-3. the giants take another team in the hunt, the st. louis cardinals on nbc bay area. that game starts at 5:00 p.m. you just might catch a glimpse of brett favre on the sidelines of kandstick park this weekend. the indecisive quarterback showed up at minnesota viking camp yesterday. the team is supposed to make an official announcement about favre's status today. vikings play the 49ers in a preseason game on sunday and you can see the game right here on nbc bay area. now, this has got to be the headline of the day. lou gehrig may not have died from lou gehrig's disease. a new study finds some patients
5:20 am
with past brain trauma who appear to have als, otherwise known as lou gehrig's the disease, may have had another disorder altogether. researchers at boston university discovered a link between head injuries like concussions and chronic traumatic enself-y. several parents who were diagnosed lou gehrig's actually had cte. >> what this indicates is that if you have repeat concussions over the course of your career, you have a greater likelihood of proteins being expressed that are the signature of cell death. >> researchers say it's important to distinguish between the diseases because they progress differently and respond to different therapies. it is 5:20 now. time to check in with mike and a cig alert in the south bay. >> this developed pretty significantly over the last ten minutes. we had an earlier report of an accident just a few minutes before my last report.
5:21 am
no major details came back to my desk, and now we have southbound 880. original direction reported was northbound, but southbound. slow because of an overturned vehicle. then a big rig reported involved as well. and two other vehicles. there may be up to four vehicles, including a big rig involved in this accident. there are some injuries reported, but nothing major so far. we're following this, but a cig alert has been called. that means the chp expects this to take at least a half hour to clear from these lanes. the impact will be pretty big on the folks heading south from 237, so you might want to head over to 680 and take that over to monotooug expressway. and all those areas heading through san jose can get you through. a lot of surface streets in this area. i'll track this very carefully for southbound 880 heading in through san jose. 880 past the coliseum, very easy right now. there is a game midday at the coliseum, 12:35, where you will see some slowing, but right now
5:22 am
no big deal. there's 580 as well. things are looking really nice. and there's that 12:35 game. midday traffic and midday game. back to you. who is the king of the backhoe? see what someat ginn totempd uy fin an attempt to find out, ne. n
5:23 am
5:24 am
good morning to you. coming up on 5:25 on this wednesday morning. got some 50s out there and some
5:25 am
fog, some mist, and some drizzle. low visibility for the north end of the bay as well. some of you on your commute will have to put the windshield wipers on, especially into the hills and up into the north end of the bay with the mist and drizzle in place. a little bit of wind for con kard and fairfield. there's the visibility. novato now down to half a mile. remember last hour, we had just over a mile visibility. now down half a mile. of course that all fluctuates with all the fog that continues to blow on through. at times it might get a little bit lower than that. be prepared. especially in north end of the bay, a couple of systems, just lined up. this one passed through yesterday. a break here. tomorrow we warm up a couple of degrees. not anything you're going to notice. right after that as we go into the weekend, this next one starts to come on in and with it some colder win and temperatures continue to drop into the weekend. after that, it starts to warm back up a little bit. cooler conditions that have been with us as these conditions are passing through. a lot of heat over the sierra, but closer to the bay area with the fog in place, the sea breeze and the wind coming through,
5:26 am
we'll stay with some 70s and some 80s. the as going for another "w" today, taking on the blue jays at 12:35. the uv index will be at nine, which is considered very high. that's on a sky to 12. you keep replying sunscreen if you're out at the game. a good game there, 69 today in oakland. 80 in livermore. 64, san francisco. here's your seven-day forecast. kris and garvin, a little bit warmer as we go into, say, tomorrow. back to you. >> craig, thank you very much. a lot of guys spend their day fishing or playing golf or bowling, but not too many of them do it with a backhoe. but that's just a what a group of hot shot backhoe operators did in utah. the digoff is where city workers on backhoes go through obstacle workers to see who can compete the task in the least amount of time with the least amount of penalties. in one game, for example, the idea is to lift a bar and place it elsewhere without tipping over the basketball.
5:27 am
in another game, it's just like bowling, only with backhoes. >> definitely a blast. getting paid to play, so i'm having fun. >> it's great fun. >> it's awesome. i love it out here. >> it's fun just to mess around on the equipment. >> about 15 other cities took part in the challenge. >> and you said city workers, right? >> city workers. and he said he got paid to do that, yes, you heard that correctly. >> there's a story there. it's 5:27 now. a report on our high school students has good news and bad news. we'll show you the details, coming up. and could seat belts in tour buses keep people from dying in crashes like this one in fresno? see who's making the latest push to make it happen. and a local fire chief caught filling up his own car on 'se ty .see see what he's planning to do about that now. e
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avoid a costly call. chp is back on the lookout for distracted drivers today. details on the new crackdown, coming up. and i'm bob redell. why one east bay fire chief's use of city gas is fueling some questions. we'll have that story, coming up in a live report. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm garvin thomas. brent and laura have the day off and the triplets are still happy about it. >> that must be a nice day, waking up with them. >> mike is here to help us out with traffic news from the south bay. >> not a pleasant day for folks heading down through san jose. the earlier accident i told you about south bay 880, the better
5:31 am
news is two lanes are now open, but this is not good news for the people involved. now upgraded to a major injury accident at the scene. if you get on to the freeway at montague, you should be south of the accident and the debris across all lanes. your alternate will be 680 heading over at landis, montague, or cutting over through surface streets to brokaw. cig alert means it's expected to take over half an hour to clear. it's already been 25 minutes since the initial report, so we'll follow this. but they need two flatbed tow trucks to get on to the scene. this is a problem for the south bay and you've got our forecast. >> we'll start off with those 50s this morning and some low visibility issues for the north end of the bay with all the fog, mist, and drizzle. relative humidity close to 100% for places like san rafael, and novato. half a mile to three quarters of a mile visibility. by noon, starting to see clearing, 60s and a couple 70s
5:32 am
and 80s in the forecast. i'll have more on the seven-day in just a bit. >> craig, thank you very much. this morning, pictures of a fire chief filling up his personal car on the cities dime is fueling anger in alameda. and now the city is launching an investigation. bob redell is live in alameda. bob, we understand the fire chief says he's not doing anything wrong. >> reporter: that's correct. we spoke with the fire chief and we'll hear from him shortly. good morning, garvin. this whole issue came up after those photos were released showing alameda fire chief, david kapler, using city gas from one of the fire station pumps to fill up his bmw coupe on a saturday afternoon, not the honda ridgeline truck he usually drives, the one outfitted with the lights, sirens. he says he's allowed to fill up his personal vehicles, whether it's the beamer or ridgeline, because he's on call 24/7. we checked out his employment agreement with the city.
5:33 am
it does give him a $250 monthly car allowance, but nowhere does it seem to mention anything about the use of city gas. the mayor of alameda is now asking for a city manager to investigate. >> it does appear that he's filling a private vehicle at a city gasoline facility and that would not appear to be an appropriate thing to be doing. >> it is okay for you to use city gas for personal use? like if you're going out to the movies? are you going to gas up? >> i mean, again, i'll say, yes, because it's in my agreement. it's in the contract that i entered into with the city when i came here, that i would have personal use of my vehicle and fuel to use for it. >> reporter: chief kapler points out to us that he believes he's actually saving the city money by using his personal car for work because it's him, not the city, who's paying for insurance
5:34 am
and maintenance. but because of this use of city gas has become an issue, he is willing, he says, to sit down with the city manager, to revise his employment agreement, so it's clear for everyone. we also received a statement from the firefighters' union. they believe that this is wrong, that he is using city gas in his private cars, especially in light of the fact that the city has had to shut down fire stations and lay off firefighters. reporting live here in alameda, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. if you are busted talking or texting behind the wheel today, don't say we didn't try to warn you. zero tolerance part two is under way. law enforcement are out in full force this morning, cracking down on drivers who are ignoring cell phone laws. agencies across the bay area are joining forces for the second phase of what they say is a zero tolerance campaign. the first time around, which was just last week, deputies and police officers cited 900 drivers. new this morning, three people are recovering after two
5:35 am
separate stabbings in san jose. the first stabbing happened around 7:30 last night outside a taco bell in payne avenue in south winchester boulevard. someone stabbed a 19-year-old man who is in critical condition as well as a 17-year-old boy. the second happened just before 9:00 p.m. on story road. a 34-year-old man is expected to survive that attack. san jose police say both stabbings could be gang related. new this morning, democrats throughout the central coast are seeing red. voters elected republican state assembly man sam blakesly to fill a vacant senate seat in district 15. that's a blow to democrats who were just within filling the two-thirds majority needed. the special election did draw interest from across the country. meg whitman campaigned for blakesly. district 15 spans five counties, including southern santa clara county. today nurses from children's hospital in oakland will rally
5:36 am
to protest proposed changes to their health care coverage. they say management is trying to reduce coverage for them and their families. nurses will rally outside the hospital from noon until 1:00 this afternoon. the california nurse's association says children have signaled they also want to cut health benefits for other hospital workers. >> here's a question for you this morning. have you used one of those group discount websites? the one i know is groupon. >> i talked to a small business owner who said when she got involved in groupon, offering a coupon, she had more response in one week than she had in a year in advertising. this definitely works. good for business. and there are a whole lot of copy cat sites that have sprung up as well. the latest is called, it's g-i-l-t, like gold. it launches in san francisco today with discount coupons on the san francisco street food festival that comes this week. we've gotten word from our
5:37 am
entourage that hbo will soon be coming to the ipad. hbo has an app already, but it's sort of lame. the new app would actually let you watch hbo movies and shows on the ipad. and that's coming, we hear, soon. and on the cusp of an ipo, general motors recalling a quarter million cars because of a seat belt in the backseat may not latch properly. it's the gmc acadia, chevy traverse, buick enclave, and saturn outlook built between 2009 and 2010. these are all fundamentally the same car. that nice suv that gm makes under those various different names, backseat problems. >> all right. we don't like to hear about those. thank you very much, scott. >> scott, thank you. a new report shows that students who took this year's act college entrance exam are more prepared than ever for college, but average college scores are taking a dive. last year, high school seniors averaged a composite a.c.t. score of 21 on a scale of 1 to
5:38 am
36. that's the lowest score in the past five years. but 24% of students met or exceeded benchmarks that measure college readiness. testmakers say a quarter of the test takers will need remedial help in at least one subject, but they say increases in test taker diversity are a step in the right direction. all right. the time is now 5:38. it's time for traffic and weather. we'll start you off with mike. >> still slowing through milpitas into san jose, just south of 237 is where the slowdown will start, approaching montague expressway. still have reports of accidents in the lanes. major injuries involved. two flatbed tow trucks have yet to arrive on scene. we have two vehicles, including a big rig involved. this is causing slowdown. should be cleared from what i understand by the time you get to montague. your alternate will be 680 through that area coming out of milpitas. montague over towards 880 should be clear and you should be able to get on there. the slowdown has now started for the east bay. the first spots we see highway 4
5:39 am
and 580 coming through livermore. that is on schedule and we'll follow that buildup and the cig alert in the south bay. >> craig is here to get us up to date on the weather forecast. >> that pal, we just can't lift it. especially in the north end of the bay. visibility is an issue, half a mile in some places. 50s and 60s, it has been a cold month, a cold summer. with the storms coming through, they give us the cooler breeze and we get some afternoon clearing, though. look at turhe uv index, at 9, considered very high. you'll want to reapply that sunscreen. upper 70s for the north end of the bay and the south end of the bay. it's livermore, almaden valley, morgan hill and concord that will get close to the 80s. walnut creek, the same. here's your seven-day forecast. not much change as we go through thursday and friday. it's saturday and sunday a lot of the wind starts to come back on in. and kris and garvin, next monday and tuesday, maybe a little
5:40 am
taste of summer. just a little one. 5:39 now. uploading pictures to the internet could be exposing your family to danger. >> it's a surprising story that every family needs to see and only nbc bay area news will show you how to protect your privacy. plus, a pilot makes a narrow escape. see what led up to this plane crash, coming up. and there is a new push to get seat belts on tour buses. the goal is to save more people from deadly accidents like this one. and it is an idea more than 40 years in the making. so we'll answer the question what's taken so long. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india,
5:41 am
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better late than never. the obama administration is pushing to get seat belts put into all new tour buses 42 years after the national transportation safety board originally proposed the idea. nbc bay area's kristen dahlgren is live in washington. kristen, why now? >> reporter: hey, garvin. well, it's a good question.
5:43 am
and, obviously, this is something that's been on people's mind now since 1968, when the ntsb first recommended that buses have safety belts. obviously, we've had a lot of crashes over the years. remember that one in fresno earlier, six people were killed. more than 30 were injured in that tour bus crash back in july. and if you look at the statistics nationwide, 186 people have died in 54 motor coach accidents between 1999 and 2008. so the obama administration is now supporting a new rule that would require over-the-shoulder seat belts on all new motor coach buses. this would not apply to transit buses, it wouldn't apply to school buses either. a lot of people saying this isn't really going far enough. some also want to see more safety measures when it comes to the roofs of buses or also shatter-proof windows on buses, because most bus accidents involve some type of rollover when there are fatalities
5:44 am
involved, 75% of the fatalities in rollovers are caused by people being ejected from the buses. so there is a call for more to go forward, but it's been a difficult time getting any type of rule or law passed over the years. there's apparently this huge bus industry lobby that has been fighting against some of these changes to the rules and laws, but one of those lobbying groups, the american bus association has said it agrees, at least in principle, with this new rule. there will be a new public comment period. the rule will be finalized some time this winter, but it won't go into effect for another three years. garvin? >> thank you very much, kristen. faulty brakes could be to blame for a bus crash that killed 35 people in the philippines today. the passenger bus was carrying 47 people when it veered off a mountain highway and plunged down a 100-foot ravine. rescuers were able to pull eight passengers from that wreckage, including a 10-year-old boy. a local police chief says most
5:45 am
victims were either trapped in their seats or trapped as it humbled. this morning, a stunt pilot is fortunate to be alive after the wing of his plane broke off midair and it was all caught on tape. the pilot was going and performing acrobatic routines sunday afternoon before the plane crashed and caught fire just 500 feet away from spectators. the pilot managed to eject from the cockpit. he didn't get hurt. on our website, the pilot described the moment the wing fell off like an explosion. the plane from rand's aircraft is made in the u.s. and is made almost exclusively for air shows. >> that guy has great reflexes, because there's no time to panic. >> i, of course, most would be flying with their hand on the eject button the whole time. it is a quarter to six now and you are watching nbc bay area news. >> we'll check in with traffic and weather in just a few minutes. first, avoid a costly call, keep your hands off your cell phone when you are in your car
5:46 am
behind the wheel today. nbc bay area's christie smith has a look at why officers are specifically targeting folks who use cell phones while driving. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, kris. you know, this is the second enforcement effort like this in as many weeks, and the chp is telling us, basically, at this point, they've heard it all from, i had to pick up the phone, it was an important call. i had to call the day care center. some people telling them that they have bad eyesight, so they had to hold the phone right up to their face because they couldn't see the numbers, they were too small. regardless, if you try any of those things today, what you're probably going to hear is get an ear bud or a blue tooth and you may hear those things while you're getting a ticket. last tuesday, the chp and local police, they wrote more than 900 tickets. but what about all the other odd things people do behind the wheel? >> then the big question comes about, why cell phones? because we do people doing a variety of things, either trying
5:47 am
to eat food or look at a map, shave, apply makeup. all those things are distractions. but statistically, cell phone use is the number one associated factor which traffic collisions, and that's why that law is on the books. >> reporter: of course, the law also applies to texting. now, if you're caught as a cell phone cheat, the first offense is 20 bucks, the second is 50 bucks, but with court fees, it could easily run over $150. reporting live at the bay bridge toll plaza, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> sometimes i just leave it in the backseat so i'm not tempted. very hard. thanks, christie. did you know a tiny warning light on your dashboard could save your life, but you probably don't know about it. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in alameda. a new report says drivers just don't recognize the new symbol that indicates tire pressure danger. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, garvin. for those of you getting ready
5:48 am
to hop into your car for your ride into work, this is the symbol we're talking about, the one that could light up on your dashboard. question is, do you know what it means? does this signal ring a bell? hopefully your car dashboard isn't lit up like a christmas tree. when this lights up, it means at least one of your tires needs air. if you didn't know this, you're not alone. a survey that makes the tpms, tire pressure monitoring system, for cars says half the people don't even know what this means. when this does light up, a small fraction thought it meant something else was wrong with the car. the takeaway, the survey also found that many people don't even check the pressure of their tires. and that's a problem, because it can be costly to have underinflated tires. and more importantly, dangerous. low pressure reduces gas mileage and it, of course, makes the tires less safe to drive on. you might recall a series of
5:49 am
rollover accidents with ford explorers a while back. that was blamed on underinflated tires. that was why back in 2008, the government started requiring all new cars to have the tpms here. with this symbol on the dashboard, if you do have underinflated tires, make sure when you head off to work today, if you do have this light on or if you haven't checked your tire pressure, swing by a gas station and get those tires some air. they're dying. >> great thought. thank you very much. i must say, i had a personal experience with that earlier this summer on vacation in raenl c a rental car. that light came on and i had to go into the manual to figure out what it was. you never know, you may have saved a life. >> my car doesn't have that. i'm going to talk about stuff that isn't nearly as important. it's interesting, but not going to save your life. facebook has this talent, i mean in a serious way. the talent of cherry-picking some of the best ideas from its
5:50 am
competitors. in this case, we expect facebook announce today to do something very similar to what four square or go wallla does. location be location-based services where you can check in with your wireless device. more information coming from facebook later this afternoon. you may be publishing your location already and not even know it, though. photographs that you post to the web often contain location data. the host of myth busters found that out the hard way when adam savage posted this picture of his truck parked outside of his house, the location was contained in what they call the metadata. here to help us understand what metadata is is security expert john harrison from symantec. thanks for coming in so early. >> glad to be here. >> most people don't even realize in their iphones, their blackberries, this information is even being recording in the first place. >> exactly. every time you're taking a picture with your smartpho phont includes a little bit of
5:51 am
information saying exactly where you are. not only the aperture of the information about the picture, but here's my gps and exactly where i took the picture. >> and these companies are trying to be helpful. this metadata is not something ev evil, it's not hackers or anything, it's just the technology, because the technology can do it. >> it can help me to remember where i took that picture when i was on vacation, three, four years ago. where was i when i took that great picture with my kids? that's a great feature. >> we're not going to go through every step of every phone to tell you how to turn it off. maybe the person at the phone company can help you do that. you're a security person with symantec and you had trouble with your blackberry. >> each device is completely different, whether it's a blackberry, iphone, droid, you have to go through the individual steps to figure out exactly how to go and do that. and each application you use and each site you post it may provide different information, whether it's to your social media site or an online site that you're selling something.
5:52 am
this may actually include that information. so you just need to be aware that it's out there and take the steps to say, i do really want everybody in the world to know, this is where i took that picture. if it's, you know, a picture that you're just going down the street, that's great. but if you're on vacation or at the first day of school with my kids coming up, do i need to tell everybody where my kids go to school? no, i don't think so. >> no, we don't. >> if you're willing to stick around, we'll come back and ask you some more questions in just a bit and maybe we'll encourage our folks on facebook, if they have questions. we'll come back to you in just a bit. >> great, thanks. > >> it's stuff that people don't realize. and as technology grows, the more features you get, the more people say, oh, i had no idea. >> thank you very much, scott. look forward to talking to him again too. pirates could suck the life out of a vampire movie opening
5:53 am
in theaters tonight. a "twilight" parody called "vampires suck" leak on the internet about a month ago. now people have downloaded the pirated movie more than 100,000 times. "vampires suck" is from 20th century fox. the same company that dealt with the pirating of the last wolverine movie. the journal of american medical association says in the last 15 years, slight hearing loss in u.s. teens are up. they didn't give reasons, but experts are blaming mp3 players. they say the ubiquity of the devices is the most important change in teenage culture in the last 15 to 20 years. researchers say even if the damage is slight, it is still significant, affecting learning and speech perception.
5:54 am
>> i think i need to sneeze. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. i would say, you know, the ear buds are one thing, but any of us grew up with our parents' stereo -- bless you -- know that you cranked it up and stuck your head right next to it. >> and the boom box. i'm going to tell the folks heading into the south bay, listen up. if you haven't heard, if you're just joining us, this cig alert still going on blocking your left lane. southbound 880 at montague expressway, debris across the roadway. four vehicles including a big rig that's overturned. major injuries are reported and we're still getting more details from the chp. we see some slowing southbound 880 from 237 up towards montague expressway. if you do cut over, i would suggest using 680 through the area. montague should take you to 880 just south of this accident. you should be clear of that
5:55 am
incident. if you want to go toward brokaw via murphy, go for that as well. we see the slowdown starting northbound 101, this is before 6:00 a.m. looks like things are starting to creep up a little bit earlier for our south bay slowdown. i showed you the slowing earlier in livermore. that continues heading over 880. keep in mind, there is a midday game there as well. 12:35 past the coliseum is where you might find slowing. right now, no major issues. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows you things are moving pretty smoothly there. we should see those metering lights in about a half an hour. >> thank you very much, mike. now let's check in with craig herrera who says, contrary to what my face and my nose are telling me today, the pollen count is okay. >> it's low. we were sending messages to each other, because we both feel a little stuffy and congested this morning, but it is low. the grasses, some of those greens, especially like the collard greens and some of the others that are blooming across places like watson fill are
5:56 am
putting some pollen out there. some of us that are sensitive might have some of those allergies this morning. grass might be the reason this morning. we've got 50s and 60s to start the morning. visibility with relative humidity, close to 100% for the north end of the bay. anywhere from half a mile to three quarters of a mile. a lot of mist and drizzle in some parts of the bay area. specifically closer to the golden gate. we've got this storm that came well up into our north yesterday. gave us that strong sea breeze. took a long time to burn off the clouds. we get a bit of a break between the next one that starts to come on in. that's for the weekend. no rain with it, but more fog and more wind, so we'll cool off into the weekend. meantime, today, around the bay area, we managed a couple of 70s and 80s. not a lot of change from what we saw yesterday, but the fog does take some time to burn off. not until 11:00 or 12:00 before we start to see that. here's the pollen count we were just talking about with kris. sunday we'll start to see the wind blowing around a bit more. it starts to dry out a little
5:57 am
bit as we get closer to monday and tuesday. for that reason, the pollen count will start to go up when the relative humidity goes down, the pollen goes up. 92 at yosemite, the heat stays in the valleys. meantime, head into the central valley, sacramento at about 89 degrees. 64, san francisco. 80, livermore. lots of 70s and 80s on the map and cooler this weekend. 5:57 is the time. keeping their night life alive, a bay area club fights back against the city trying to shut them down today. and a silicon valley church celebrates a first today. a preview of their big announcement, coming up. and an outcry for children. nurses at a bay area hospital speak out.
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just hang up and drive, will you? that's not the driver behind you talking, that's the chp. the big cr


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